What Your Property Can and Must Address as Part of a Long-Term Customer Care Program

Your longevity depends on guests tying an emotionally bond to your brand. This occurs as your attention to detail to the little things overlooked by competitive properties exceeds their average expectations.

Best of all, this higher standard is not difficult to attain. Here are seven areas for close attention on your guest accommodations plan.

1. Warmth expressed by every employee. Even if your staff doesn’t speak the native language, a smile, head nod, or “Hello” to each guest breaks any language barrier while acknowledging every person as special during their stay.

2. Room welcome amenity. Consider including an item within rooms that’s visually captivating and aligned with your brand to greet guests upon arrival. From a single, large flower (for women) to edibles (for both genders), there are dynamic options that encourage guests to return and recommend your facility online.

3. Competency on standard guest questions. I cannot tell you how many times during a trip that staff members have been unable to locate the closest lavatory or state when the pool or fitness rooms close. Answering everyday questions must be basic knowledge for everyone.

4. Language barrier solutions. It’s acceptable to employ personnel who don’t speak all guests’ languages. However, when staff interact with guests, that staff member must immediately know who to contact when she cannot respond so the guest receives proper care.

5. Doors must close or lock decisively. Most guests close and check doors to make sure it’s secure. However, there are times when doors are slow to align and do not lock, causing a visible crack that allows anyone to enter. That situation, when left unchecked, is a concern for you and an unwanted security problem for the guest.

6. Quick in-room dining response. Nothing is worse, outside of a room that’s not freshened to standards, than to choose a meal from the in-room menu and hear the restaurant’s phone ring with no response. Such treatment is unacceptable.

7. Full disclosure of additional fees. Guests are to be made aware of any pool, in-room telephone, lock box, and other fees (outside of taxes) that will be charged whether or not the service is accessed. No one wants surprises that ultimately wreck an otherwise-great experience.

Start incorporating these points today if they’re not part of your guest relations’ program. Our popular seminar, 10 Guest Pet Peeves You Cannot Afford to Overlook and How to Easily Add It to Your Care Program, highlights another range of problems and solutions that keep guests returning and bringing friends so positive feedback increases and occupancy rate decreases. Call us at 973-279-2799 or click here for email to schedule us to speak at your next event.