Three Reasons Why You’re Rated Poorly and How to Change the Property’s Perception

“So so.”

“Ho hum.”

“It’s just okay.”

Statements such as these, whether shared verbally or written on a travel website, will not convert into full occupancy.

What is happening at your property? Why do guests consider it as mundane, and how can you quickly turn that around so the property claims the hot spot category?

Start your research at the beginning, where guests are greeted by the property’s exterior appearance and also by front desk personnel.

Like many of your guests, I often receive a warm welcome. However, there are times when I’m given the cold shoulder for no good reason or overhear complaints or must wait longer than necessary due to understaffing at peak times. This is where “so so” starts.

Next, travel to a room on any floor to see what guests see. Is there a faint cigarette odor where no smoking is allowed? Do dinner trays still line the floor in front of room doors? Are the walls and carpet bland? All of this is easily remedied. If not done, this is where “ho hum” continues.

Finally, how did the guest rate the property on the in-room card, television prompt, or verbally at the front desk during checkout? Who reads the card or hears the guest’s feedback?

Will the concerns, if any, be solved and monitored, or did what the guest say fall to the bottom of the maintenance pile? If the latter, “It’s just okay” is the best comment you’ll read, and so will thousands of potential guests who choose to stay elsewhere.

Here’s another fact: if you accommodate women in this manner, they won’t return, and neither will their family members, friends, or colleagues.

Just as a retail store hires mystery shoppers to find problematic areas within the shop, so must you act as a detective to uncover reasons why the property is “just okay.” There are too many ways to turn that phrase into “My New Favorite Place” as the subject of the next in-room and online review. Which step is first, and when will you start?

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