Three Reasons Why Your Property is a Hospitality Leader

After my mom and I watched a fashion reality show, my mom said aloud,

“I don’t know why (fashion designer) said those fashions weren’t good. I bet he’ll copy it and put it all in his next fashion show.”

My belief was the same. That’s the way trends work. They filter up, from young people wearing their own fashion sense on the streets to the exact same styles shown on fashion runways in Paris, London, and New York City. Revolutions always start with the masses.

The same is true about hospitality. It’s the B&Bs, inns, and boutique properties that create show-stopping environments and services that large facilities ultimately make popular. You are the trendsetter, first responder, and pulse of the industry. You:

  • *Move faster to solve problems. There aren’t multiple layers of middle and upper management to sign off on changes.
  • *Work with local suppliers that provide products made and delivered with care. That keeps the region’s economy strong.
  • *Place service above all else, setting your property apart from others that overlook details that mean a lot to guests.

You’re not the one who copies. You are the originator of the word “service” to the very-last detail. I remind my clients about this each time I arrive at the property or speak at hospitality events.

Is that fact in your online and in-print marketing? If not, it’s time to make it your property’s centerpiece because your style is copied by facilities that label themselves “the best.”