Marketing Advice You May Not Know Exists from a Popular Travel Resource

TripAdvisor’s business blog contains numerous videos offering tips and advice on how to turn your listing into one that gives you an advantage.

As suggested in the previous article, 3 Steps to Take Immediately to Address a Bad Review, you can no longer bury your head in the sand and wish that negative reviews go away.

Instead, you can turn posted reviews into continuous marketing campaigns by immediately addressing weak areas in service and creating a relaxing atmosphere within each room so guests recognize how much you value their choice.

One video on TripAdvisor’s blog, entitled How to Market Your Property on TripAdvisor for Free, is a wise video to choose as first to watch. Here are highlights from the video’s eight tips.

1. Register your property on TripAdvisor. You may already have completed this, but if not, doing so will take little time to bring more prominence to your location through this search engine optimization benefit.

2. Share information about your property. This is where you highlight every available service and possibly give your customers a heads up on what’s coming in the future (expansion, happy hour, free WiFi, etc.). Don’t set this area up and neglect it. Log in to your account every quarter, at minimum, to update your welcome and amenities.

3. Update your listing with photos. Guests traveling with cellphones and cameras will share photos of your property. Be proactive and do the same, and don’t be modest. Let online visitors feel the ambiance through pictures that you also post on your website or blog.

4. Encourage guests to review your property. Reviews are not mandatory, so when guests share their experiences, they want you to know how well they were treated or how they wish to be treated when they return. Responding to reviews are your time to shine, to let the world know that you’re listening and will make changes that set you above competitors.

Whether you heed the tips from the above-mentioned video or another from TripAdvisor’s blog, your guests and property will ultimately rise to a higher level of satisfaction.

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