It’s Time to Set Standards to Recognize Each Guest

It’s a long trip from my east coast home in the U.S. to Las Vegas. There’s lots of chatter on the plane from people who have a system to beat casinos at their own game. The person who’s talking about striking it rich is often interrupted by another traveler who has an even-better system. The banter continues as I attempt to close my eyes and get their dreams out of my head.

When the plane lands and I finally arrive at a property, I’m a happy camper when I hear the words, “Welcome to (name of property), Ms. Frazier” at the door as I’m escorted to the registration desk. Those few words immediately put me in a great mood.

Does your greeter express this welcome message to guests staying with you?

This small, yet effective greeting is the reason I choose the same place to stay each time I arrive in Las Vegas. However, I admit that I’ve tried other properties, and the greeting hasn’t lived up to that easy-to-establish welcome.

My other experiences include a person at a hotel door leading me to a desk where I’m pressured to buy that day’s event ticket, and one where no one is at the heavy, non-automated door where I must navigate myself and bags through it before it closes quickly.

You are probably not in the Las Vegas area. That’s fine. What you are in is the hospitality industry where a smile, greeting, and immediate assistance are mandatory.

There are many competitors in your area, even if that area is a radius of 50 miles. Guests who are already traveling will go out of the area to stay at a place where service is the standard rather than stay at a local and dismal property. It’s simply not tolerated.

The takeaway here is to check your business from the outside in. What is the greeting from everyone from the gardener to maintenance to the registration desk?

Is every guest acknowledged, or are they ignored?

Is every guest that can be acknowledged by name by the valet, greeter, or front desk person welcomed by name?

Without this standard, you are playing roulette with the potential for return guests, referrals, and positive online reviews. This is the hospitality industry, and it’s no game.