How to Win Guests When You’re Not on the “Best” List

Your property didn’t make the “Best Business Hotel” list compiled by

What does not making the list mean for your facility?

What can you do to make next year’s list, or does the list really matter?’s hotel winners seem based on glamorous room treatments, and that’s fine. Some hotels accommodate guests with lots of space and palatial furniture. That’s their model.

The question is: how do your accommodations and service treat guests on a higher level than properties that simply look good but provide less service?

In an episode of The Cosby Show, Heathcliff Huxtable (played by Bill Cosby) explains to a dinner guest how a finely-cooked steak served on a garbage can lid is not the type of presentation anyone prefers. The same scenario is true about a well-appointed room. If the service stinks, a guest would rather stay at another property where they’re treated like a VIP.

You may not make the list of best business hotels according to a website’s standards; however, you have a daily mission to rise to the top in your guests’ minds so they not only choose your property each time they travel, they also tell their firm to book at your facility first and refer you to other business travelers. That’s the mark of “best” you want to establish, a mark that keeps guests, staff, and you smiling every day.

Recognize guests by name when they call for reservations, acknowledge their return on arrival, provide exemplary service when they request assistance, and encourage their return during departure. That’s the mark of “best” you can and must manage.