Expect a Great Outcome When Time is Short

Expect a Great Outcome When Time is Short, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.What happens when a new client asks to see three new prototypes for their holiday swag collection, it’s already October, and your staff is working overtime on other time-sensitive projects?

At 5 Star Experience, we check the calendar, review options with staff, and determine where the project fits into our schedule so the new client receives thorough support and service.

The timing creates numerous problems, but we expect that during the end of year and know how to find solutions.

Stock from many suppliers is depleted because of holiday orders from other buyers. However, our years of industry experience lets us predict where to turn, and the savvy staff in our purchasing department quickly begins sourcing products from suppliers worldwide.

After speaking with the new client to understand their goals, we clarify the brand vision and easily identify which products are correct for the collection.

Once supplies are received, our staff makes the first round of prototypes and displays them to the client, first virtually and finally in person.

It took just one more round of supply sourcing and prototype creation to finalize the project. The entire process was finished in three weeks, plenty of time to pursue the swag collection’s assembly and delivery to the client.

Your business moves in many directions, and the one direction that stays in sight is up to reach revenue and growth projections. That’s what the swag collections created for your firm help you achieve. Our mission is removing this multi-leveled project from your hands and placing it in ours.

Managers, supervisors, executives, and owners like you are busy and must outsource relationship management. We understand this and, like the prototype client, help you be the hero to clients, staff, and others who receive your brand message.

Call us at 800-640-8521 or email swag@5StarExperience.com today, and allow us to shape your vision into a swag collection everyone will remember.