Are Missing Towels Worth Full Occupancy?

MSN Money’s recent article on the installation of radio chips in hotel towels to decrease theft may lower the need to order replacement towels, but does it help to maintain high occupancy rates?

What happens if a towel is removed by a guest who exits your property?

Does a bell sound and bag check ensue?
How embarrassing is this for both parties?
How likely is this guest to recommend the property and return in the future?

Towels and other domestics, whether removed or retired, are replaced on an ongoing basis. That fact is an industry standard, and how it is handled depends on how management weighs a steadily-full occupancy rate (if marketing and service are primary) against replacement costs.

In addition, not every guest views domestics as a souvenir, and the majority do not.

The solution to this perplexing situation is to consider how other industries turn their potential problems into a profit center.

For example, beauty salons ensure that clients learn about in-store products which keep hair clean and styled between appointments. Restaurants market their “secret sauces” on menus and within lobbies where customers see and buy it at the entrance.

While these examples are not directly on par with property theft, they are a foundation for ideas to market hotel merchandise as some properties currently offer through notices within each room as well as at each property’s service desk.

One highly-respected property in Atlanta, Georgia, received payments from several of my staff for mattress toppers added to each hotel bed. One night’s rest on the toppers, which were marketed with light-hearted signage in each room, convinced the staff to purchase the same for a good night’s rest at home.

Isn’t that type of marketing a better experience for your guests?

Towels will disappear; that’s a given. The question is: Can great service and high occupancy be considered a rewarding trade?

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