3 Steps to Take Immediately to Address a Bad Review

The power of online travel reviews guarantees that no mistake or minor problem at your facility will ever again go unnoticed.

    Hair on the shower door or curtain? It will be reported.
    Smoke detected in a smoke-free room? You will be blamed.
    Dirt found on any surface beyond the front door? Everyone will know.

There is no place to hide once a guest tells all through any of the popular travel review sites that both savvy and beginning travelers access before booking their next trip.

What you may not realize is that guests want to return to your facility. They want to come back to a place where the surroundings are familiar rather than start all over again searching for somewhere new.

Guests want to recommend your accommodations, enjoy the scenery, and feel safe in a room that’s clean enough to not worry about where they sit, eat, or wash.

When reviews go online, recognize each as what it is: a sign that guests want your doors to stay open. With a few manageable changes, your occupancy will skyrocket.

Here’s how to handle reviews when guests share their experiences, good or bad.

    1. Acknowledge the review by thanking each guest for their comments.
    2. Address their compliments and concerns one by one.
    3. Encourage the guest to stay again to experience changes they request.

Number 3 above can only be included in your responses if you willingly create a checklist that addresses guests’ concerns and improve in those categories. Some upgrades will take time; however, incremental changes will lessen negative reviews and increase guest satisfaction.

Our signature seminar entitled, Rave Reviews: 7 Ways to Turn Guest Complaints into Compliments, will provide your guest relations specialists with a blueprint to easily achieve this goal. Call us at 973-279-2799 or click here to Email us for more information or to consult our calendar.

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