3 Marketing Must Haves to Draw Guests in the Door

After a three-hour drive to a boutique hotel, I arrived just before midnight and was greeted by a cheerful reservation specialist. Something else was in the lobby I didn’t expect – a warm, glowing fireplace that was just as welcoming that chilly night.

Why wasn’t the fireplace mentioned on the hotel’s website? It’s been several years since I visited that property and still I remember a feeling of coziness and relaxation. If occupancy was full, I would not have complained to curling up close to the hearth with a blanket and pillow.

What features about your property are you not describing online or in marketing materials? Guests want to know about the lobby with a roaring fire, the decadent hot chocolate with marshmallows, the plush robe and slippers available in every room. Your descriptions strengthen the emotional bond. It’s your mission to make sure that happens.

Here are three more marketing necessities to attract guests.

1. Photographic tours

Visual references tell a story that guests want to experience with same or better results when they visit. Take them on an online tour of the facility through photographs so their comfort level increases before arrival. This will convince travelers that your property is the one for them.

2. Unsolicited testimonials

The article, When Bad Reviews Go Viral, explores what can and will happen when lax treatment and scathing critiques collide. Thankfully, the news isn’t all bad. As satisfaction increases, so does exceptional compliments. Be sure to add these comments on each page of your site and other marketing spaces.

3. Social media participation

The quickest way to enhance satisfaction before a room is booked is to respond to questions about the facility. This is easily done through Facebook. Create and monitor your account each day setting aside a few minutes in the morning and evening to read and respond to comments. This will prove your commitment to customer care.

If you consider these marketing options as difficult to launch or maintain, we have a strategy for you that increases occupancy and loyalty. Contact us here through this link to get started so potential guests begin to experience the magic before entering your front door.